Wednesday, July 13, 2016

When you drop to your knees

What happens when you drop to your knees in complete surrender to the author and creator of the universe?

Despite my coming back to the arms of my savior, I have still continuously battled with the devil breathing down my back. I was living and saying "God you can have this part, but I think I can handle the rest.".
That's not how surrender works...

Just last week I chaperoned a trip with Elm Grove for their youth to Morehead where the entire week we focused on the statement "follow me."
Complete abandon to Christ.

It was an amazing week being stretched and growing in the word of God while serving Him, and also seeing our youth grow closer to Him.

When we returned the devil was on attack mode. My anxiety heightened, my body became MORE sick than before we left in a sense, and I started to be overwhelmed.
I was talking with my greatest friend who was sending me scripture and praying for me and with me while I battled the darkness of Satan...and suddenly I dropped to my knees. I stayed there begging for God to remove Satan from my presence. I prayed for complete surrender. Then I started to pray for my enemies.
I started praying for those people who are constantly against me. I prayed for those who seek to hurt me emotionally.
I prayed for God to open my eyes and heart to them in a way that I can love them through Him.
And then came sweet release.

Our God is this amazing God who hears us. He heard my cries. He saw my pain. And He helped me see that when I seek Him out and I lift my burdens to Him, He is right there willing and waiting to take it all.

THAT is what happens when you drop to your knees in holy surrender to our God.
Weight is lifted.
Peace is given.
Life feels better (despite sickness).

Our God reigns.